About Us

About Us

Coffee is one of most widely traded commodities in the world. In fact, it is the second most traded commodity after oil. This is coffee economics. We understand and appreciate this but, here at Republik, we focus on "human economics" of coffee. Coffee is arguably the catalyst/not so secret ingredient that brings all humans from different creeds, race, religion, economic status into one micro space during the much-needed break from our busy lives. We all hugely benefit from these interactions. At Republik Coffee Bar, our number one goal is to make sure this experience for our customers are very well received and appreciated.

We don't have a motto, but if we did it would be: “Lives are changed when people connect.” We feel we succeed every time we achieve to be the conduit for this connection to take place.

On more technical issues, we are always in search of the highest quality coffee that is ethically sourced. We take trips to coffee farms around the world, namely in Latin America, Sub saharan Africa and Pacific Asia to work with the most reputable roasters in the industry. This is a very intensive and painstaking process and takes all our time besides operations. We love the end product and sincerely hope you do too.

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Life begins after coffee!